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Personalized Care

Our exceptional expertise is matched by our commitment to personalized care. From our patients’ initial enquiries through their follow-up care back home, our liaison officers act as a single point of contact to assist patients throughout their stay.
Our treatment coordinators can arrange for the following services:

  • Transportation, including airport pickup

  • Hotel or long-term lodging arrangements for patients and their families

  • Personal escorts to appointments and treatment procedures. A fee may be applicable for such services

  • Kuala Lumpur city tour

Overseas Patients

We welcome overseas patients from all over the world especially Australia and New Zealand. As part of our specialised service we are able to support overseas patients with:

  • Coordination and confirmation of all patient appointments with our dentists for consultation, diagnosis, and treatment procedures prior to arrival.

  • Advance financial and billing arrangements, including detailed estimates and consolidation of invoices.

  • Appointments for family members who require routine and preventive care.


1. Treatment: Implant

"Very good. I'll get my husband to come next year"

Sarjit Kaur

Balmoral, Auckland, New Zealand

2. Treatment: Denture

Very polite and premises very clean. Thank you.

Sharyn Macdonald


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